New Deftones song has fans in a frenzy

“Prayers/Triangles” debuted Thursday, via a fan-made loop of the 30-second teaser from Monday.

Yesterday, the song was added to Spotify. Stick it into one playlists — or just hit that “+” button to save to Songs — and hooray! Now, you have new Deftones in your shuffle queue.

I can’t speculate as to the potential awesomeness of the new Deftones album, Gore, as a whole, but if “Prayers/Triangles” is any indication, we’ll likely be listening to it on repeat for the next four years… or until they give us another teaser to salivate over.

“Prayers” is no “Goon Squad”, but it works that formula that fans love so much. With a little with a little mystical Palms finger-picking melody, the right amount of screaming, and some haunting lyrics moaned out by the one-and-only Chino Moreno, there’s much to look forward to in the upcoming album.

I wonder what demons are haunting our favorite front man, now…


Featured image via FLOOD


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