EGGNOGG sidescroller is pretty damn fun

Paul Pridham (that’s Madgarden to you), the fadtastic retromod indie game developer extraordinaire, has hinted toward a new version of stabtacular EGGNOGG/EGGNOGG+. As of now, the game’s being referred to as Rumble. On, the dev said he expects the game to see the light of day sometime in Spring.


Rumble promises to see a couple of NPC-type creatures roaming around inside the 8-bit maps, with more music track choices, more colors, and more, as the website suggests.

Yellow vs. Blue: “I got your eye!” — “No, I got your arm!” (In truth, they probably both spontaneously combusted and died together…) via IndieMag

For the unitiated, EGGNOGG is essentially a local multiplayer beat-’em-up side-scroller. It was originally made back in 2013 as a way to stave off murderous urges whilst waiting for Nidhogg to come out on Steam. Much like Super Smash, but without the myriad combos, items, and character selection. In EGGNOGG, you can choose a sparkly rainbow vest for your otherwise singular shade of person–so that’s fun. The best thing about it, though, is that you can play your friends on the same console. Take that! PS4, Xbox, etc. etc.

Just go into the little gear in the upper righthand corner of the screen, upon startup, and choose your control configuration.

It’s really quite fun, I assure you. And if you’re anything like me, it helps to get out a little pent-up frustration at the end of a rough day (or after an eensy weensy fight with your soon-to-be hubby) and you just buttonmash the crap out of the keys until one of you ends up face-up in the NOGG.

*Skeeewww! Plish.* “Success!” via Madgarden

There’s also this tricky Swordsketball level (o those masochistic completionist types) where the object of the game is to throw your sword into a vat of NOGG on your side of the playing field. I did it once by accident, I believe, and after 20 more minutes of trying, that was it for me! (Still fun, nonetheless.)

Want to see some gameplay? Here’s a video of two French guys playing the game:

You can download the free version of EGGNOGG/EGGNOGG+ on GameJolt and or donate as you see fit. Support indie games! And look out for Rumble in Spring 2016.

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