Snowblind brings you to the edge of your seat

SnowBlind-001-A-Main-98faf (1)Ollie Masters has outdone himself with his new comic book, Snowblind.

Our main character, Teddy, was transplanted from Louisiana to Alaska as a kid. Now, in his adolescence, he’s witnessing events that make him question his parents’ decision.

The opening scene of part one of four, shows Teddy nonplussed and reading in the back of a cop car after being caught breaking into a library. Without any friends to speak of, a fox is his silent companion seen lingering on the outskirts of the woods surrounding his home.

Much like the lit-addict featured in the story, writer Ollie Masters has no allegiances, aside from the word. Masters has written for DC, Vertigo, and now his latest work comes through BOOM! Studios.

With Tyler Jenkins at his side, the duo are the perfect pair to bring this crime thriller to life. Jenkins uses watercolor to bring readers to that below zero environment where Teddy lives. It’s like a court-hearing sketch replicated through multiple panes of past and present Alaska life, replete with red noses and foggy windows.


Let’s not neglect Colin Bell, who did the lettering for Snowblind, choosing the old-school inky typewriter font face for our hero’s inner monologue.


The first book ends all too soon when a burglar breaks into their home and rattles the nerves readers, and Teddy steamrolls his mysterious fox figure friend leaving him unconscious in the seat of the demolished car.

What will happen next? Will we ever find out why his family was placed into witness protection?

The next part of the series is slated for release next month.

Featured image via Forbidden Planet


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