Please excuse my temporary loss of interest

Austria Weather
(AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson)

Found a lot of potential news, but lacking motivation to write on the blog.

Why? I can easily update peeps through a Facebook status or tweet. I’ve also been busy watching TV/taking stuff in, without adding my own commentary (actually wrote a long “first impressions” piece for AHS, but deleted it by accident… so I might be a little traumatized by that).

(Junkyard Tattoos Tumblr)

Also, I don’t get alot of hits. The purpose of this blog was to keep practicing my newswriting skills by covering events, but I’ve drawn away from the scene a bit. I’m not sure if I should jump back in and join the party, or do my own thing (reading, writing ficiton, or painting even.)

In case you’re curious, I’ve been accumulating a few things to write about for w3rdn3rd, but just haven’t felt like doing it.

Maybe you’ll find these interesting:

    1. Ecojoia Horse Campaign – Remember The Cove? Well, Ecojaia is at it again. This time, they want to protect wild horses. Strange thing. A friend told me there are no such things as “wild horses”, and went on to tell me about how they were are bred from the same initial line. Maybe I’ll do some more research and come back to this topic.
    2. Library Art Series – Art and books? You’ve got to be kidding. Don’t know why they’d advertise this event, just to say that the roster was full and no one else could ever hope to join such a neat tour. So, that’s maddening.
    3. Hell Chicken Brew – This stuff is definitely delicious. It’s relatively new stock from a MPLS brewery called Insight Brewing. The boyfriend says, “You can have your fancy beer, I’m makin’ a vodka drink”. So, it’s really for those who like kind of fruity, crafty, artisinal things, fyi. Not for the manly man.
    4. Dragon’s Milk Brew – Sounds cool. Hear there’s coffee and chocolate in it. Who knows, maybe I’ll try it sometime.
    5. Ridiculous 6 – Slapstick version of an old Western, starring Adam Sandler, Luke Wilson, and Rob Schneider to name a few. It’s a Netflix original, which I found interesting — as they’re some heavy-hitters, here — but I couldn’t get through the first 10 minutes of it without heaving that heavy sigh.
    6. Hateful Eight – New Taranatino flick shot on 70mm film. People are talking about it. Could be cool.

Here are some links:

    1. American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign 
    2. Jack Lenor Larsen Archives
    3. New Holland Brewing 

Again, I apologize for putting out this meh blog post, just thought I’d “catch you up”, ie. Let you know that I haven’t entirely forgotten you, that I’m not on hiatus or something. But I am giving myself an excuse to explore other options, as it were.

Thanks for listening.

Your friend,



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