Singin’ in the Rain is my favorite musical, by the way

I’m on the cusp of something. Feeling the heat rise from the wet concrete, I’m realizing this isn’t the typical fall frost that waits expectantly, but something else entirely. It’s bubbling, burping up from beneath the surface of the earth and starting to permeate my skin like reverse osmosis or something.

There’s a vast field of energy tucked away inside me, palpable like. So much so, I think it’s threatening to come straight out of my mouth in a fount of white lightning, rendering my speech unintelligible with each new grunt or sound emitted in an intonation relating to some particular subject matter under construction. It’s just me, myself, and I am “working” or so they say.

Distracted by the darkness welling outside these walls that confine me to a cubicle where I have to focus on productivity and deliverables meant to keep me busy when there’s this nagging notion in the pit of my belly, telling me to jump up and scream; shake up the sleeping masses a tad bit today.

On the fence about sharing things, as the meaning of that very word changes every couple of years, it seems. To share or not to share, is that the question, here? Share a link, like a post, inform the followers about the latest show. What do you want to read about? Is there something you need to know today that I can tell you? Perhaps no one else could?

It’s doubtful, with one fist full of news, clutching at a cup of straws promising to deliver me from doldrums; it was a brilliant start to the day. While the other hand lies limp at my side, periodically twitching with an unforeseen inertia tingling twice at the thought of having something important to say. How did my mood change so suddenly, I wonder.

I’ll just go ahead and let you know I got nuthin’. So, here’s a fun little diddy from one of the best parts of the aforementioned former blockbuster extravaganza!

On the sidelines, you’ll soon come to see that Coheed and Cambria’s coming to town and there’s a Warcraft movie coming out, too. These are very important things to know, of course. It’s a very serious matter, I swear.

There was a reason behind this well of wordless abandon, wasn’t there? Oh yes, I found a prompt that just thrust me into writing today. Slogging my way through the mire that is the slew of WordPress advice columns, I was looking for a reason why my Child of Light blog garnered 30 clicks yesterday. Random, right? No answer, as of yet, but I’ll keep you “posted”.

Hence the why as to how I’m going on about a lot of nothing just now. So, thanks, “Singin’ in the Rain” Daily Post prompt. That is all. Tut tut.

Featured image via The Film Spectrum.

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