Marvel’s taking over your TV this year

It’s hard to remember a world without Netflix. As kids, we would wait a full week for the next “Sailor Moon” episode, and we accepted that as a fact of life. Now, entire series are dropping online–all in one night–so let the binge-watching ensue.

Speaking of which, Krysten Ritter is the star of the latest Netflix original, “Jessica Jones“, slated for oracular consumption on Nov. 20. Like Sailor Moon, this Marvel chick has some wicked powers including super strength and speed. No one can stop her from saving the city, unless someone had power over her mind, of course.

That would be the worst fault to have, in my opinion. No control over your own mind? Get out of here! Numero Uno fear, for sure.

Anyway, Ritter’s looking a little less alive in the trailer for “Jessica Jones”, in contrast to that short-lived show, “Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apt. 23”, and that one indie movie she played in where she raised her little brother and sister (another instance where Madeleine Martin from “Californication” pops up) called “Refuge”. She’s taken on the downtrodden, yet determined character fairly well, as I can tell, but hey. Everyone’s a critic!

She’ll also play Jessica Jones in “The Defenders”, a show where Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist run amok kicking ass around town (even though Jessica Jones wasn’t a member of The Defenders in the comics).

Either way, here’s the trailer for “Jessica Jones“. Seems a little scary to me, but who doesn’t like a good comic book-turned TV?

Oh, and let us not forget that Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) from the “Matrix”/(Natalie) from “Memento” will be co-starring in the new series, which is pretty much an added benefit to the entire show. 

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