Eli Roth is full of surprises

His recent foray into the film industry has brought some unwanted attention to his name. In his latest flick, “Knock, Knock” with Keanu Reeves, he seems to be veering off into the shallow waters of hysteria, falling further away from the mainstream and closer toward his own sordid fantasies.

After reading a review of “Knock, Knock” I thought his name would find itself buried deeper into the mire of movie obsolescence, then he releases the third season of Hemlock Grove and I’m perplexed again.


Last year, after having binge-watched the first two seasons, I read that he didn’t plan on pursuing a third. Whether he has a case of the Palahniuk, in which he feels compelled to continue at the behest of rabid fans, or he’s on some kind of creative streak the fact stands that Eli Roth is still lingering on as a writer/director.

This unexpected turn of events gives me hope that if you want something badly enough, even if what you produce is just that… a poorly constructed experiment in executing the plotlines of your very own nightmares, you can still keep pushing that rock up the hill if you want to continue to work on your craft.

Check out the latest season of Hemlock Grove on Netflix, and see the trailer for his movie, “Knock, Knock“, on YouTube.

P.S. If you want my opinion, or a full report on the first two seasons of Hemlock Grove (How can that woman’s British accent just come and go on a whim, anyway? That chick from Californication is in season 2, and that actress from Orange is the New Black is an entirely different animal in Hemlock Grove) let me know in the comments below, or write to me on Twitter or something.

Featured image via Pop Culture Renegades

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