David Sedaris bathes the world in a funny light

David Sedaris is coming to Hennepin Theatre Trust on Nov. 1 and he’s bringing his sparkling wit with him.

If you’ve never read his work, you’re missing out. Perhaps you want to go the easy route and give his latest CD a listen. Pop it in your car and you’ll be giggling along with his squeaky renditions of higher-pitched friends, while you’re wondering if he’s telling the truth about his many exploits and escapades trouncing through life as one of the smartest queers currently living on planet Earth.

Here’s a hint: Everything he says is true.


For the uninitiated, Sedaris is a special brand of journalist, on par with Hunter S. Thompson in that he folds himself into the scene and lives along with the subjects of his prose, or Augusten Burroughs as they both share a good bit of personal family trauma with their respective audiences. Some call him a humorist or maybe he’s a perpetual tumult snowballing its way toward his next award.

He’s tried to kill an elephant and failed, tried to learn French and failed, and then there was that story describing in darkly comedic detail th life cycles of his pet cats. So, I guess you could say he has this way of making us laugh at ourselves through the thrill of hearing him fail.

Listen to him live, in all hilarious his glory, Nov. 1 at Hennepin Theatre Trust. Tickets are $36.50 to $46.50.

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