German film, ‘Victoria’, was shot all in one take

Lauded as a “sensational cinematic stunt”, “Victoria“, is slated to be Sebastian Schipper’s new cinematic masterpiece. There’s no way “Victoria” could outpace his sensational film, “Run Lola Run”, but his latest work is gaining international recognition.

Known for his eccentric and poignant films, he tends to find a gimmick and stick with it through the course of a set. In “Run Lola Run”, if you haven’t seen it (in which case, you should!), the main character goes through the motions to help her lover get out of a jam. The twist, however, is the plot is executed through three different scenarios for one event, each laden with symbolism and color.

Now, he’s done it again and managed to ensnare the attention of film buffs the world over by creating a film spanning over two hours–and it’s all in one take.

The story strikes a similar vein in that it centers on a woman who finds herself in a violent situation and must fight to make her way out.

The actress who plays Victoria, Laia Costa, has only been in a handful of short films, and has chosen wisely to run with Schipper’s experiment, quite possibly pegging her as an indie film aficionado and there are certainly worse things to be known for.

Side note: I swear I’ve seen her in another film, but IMDB is not helping me out in this respect. There’s a foreign film, probably Spanish, that lingers in my mind, one where she’s a drifter who settles down for a few months, works for scraps in a local restaurant, and shares her story with the woman working there, who becomes enamored by the girl’s free spirit and audacity in the face of impending death. Maybe I’m mistaken, and it was someone else, because she may also just have that gravitational pull as an actress, who makes you feel at once familiar and yet intrigued, through the expression of her personality.

You can glean as much from the theatrical trailer for “Victoria”.

Anyway, the new film she’s in was shot in one take. Whether the goal of the film was to make the Guinness Book of Records or to encapsulate, in real-time, an entire night’s shenanigans is beyond me, but I’m looking forward to seeing Schipper’s new film.

It feels like the director set up the dominos, told Laia (Victoria) and her beau to tap the first block, then he followed the couple around for the remainder of the night, all while filming their spontaneous adventure.

Whatever the critics say, I was on the edge of my seat (literally, scooching closer to the screen, then periodically jumping back in surprise, to slide forward again) just by watching the trailer.

Victoria” will be shown for one week only in the Twin Cities region. Catch the show at Edina Cinema at 2 p.m., 5 p.m., or 7:50 p.m. tonight.

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