Schmidt artist hosts collaborative craft beer art show for his birthday

It’s been almost two weeks since the closing reception of the Landmark Gallery at the Schmidt Artist Lofts, but I can’t stop thinking about that homemade BABS craft brew that Preston Rogosheske so hospitably brought to the party. To his own birthday party, no less!

Alex Kauffman pulled out his electric violin and laid down some metal riffs while Cameron Ljunkull and Patrick Mager (DJ BLSS) stacked beats courtesy of Dichotomy to complement the sound. Here’s a little taste of the artistic madness from that night.

After walking around the Brew House with artist Nick Dahlen, Preston and Cameron ushered us into the concert hall/lounge area for craft beer and more of Pat’s musical stylings. Short girls danced while tall dudes nodded nonchalantly along to the earthshaking dubstep fracas, then Alex played some more and one guest actually got on stage to add an amazing vocal ambiance to the overall sound.

FullSizeRender (1)But, let’s get back to the beer. Throughout the night, large pint-sized bottles with unique golden labels started to appear out of nowhere. After tracking down the purveyor of libations, Preston’s friend Taylor Evans told me that Preston brewed the beer–with a little surprise inside.

“We put a toasted oak chip in the barrel for flavor,” Preston said. There was a little block of wood in each bottle! I had never heard of that before, let alone tasted it. “It was a gimmick,” he said.

He teamed up with Raw Craft artists to customize the logo in collaboration with the brew’s release, his birthday, and the closing reception of the art gallery.

“It’s a home-brew clone of Surly Furious 75-80 IBU (international bitter units),” he said. Aptly named RAW Craft, here’s another craft beer to add to the collection of awesome local beers, only made in Minnesota. “It’s brewed outside in a house near Bad Weather, who also brews there,” Preston said. St. Paul serves as the place where you can be your best creative self, as so many artists, musicians, writers, and craft beer makers come to roost. Le’toile publishes their magazine in the vicinity, as well.

If you’re interested in trying out this new brew you missed out! Come to the next gathering for fun with friends and discover new artists while you’re at it, only at the Schmidt artist lofts.

Featured photo credit: Cameron Ljunkull

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