Stuck in the middle with you…

masonic handshakeMy heart’s racing upon receiving a mysterious note. I feel like Brodoteu in Amélie, when he looked up from the phone booth to find his childhood memories locked in a tin, appearing seemingly out of nowhere. Or another character in the movie, who found a note in his pocket at Twin Windmills.

Anyway… what I wanted to write about today is this dreamy state of mind I found myself in while on the way to work. It doesn’t often take hold of me so fiercely, but I wanted to write. About Band of Horses and how I might have been sent to live in the Midwest out of a subconscious need to fulfill the stories I heard in all those lyrics from indie bands my friends followed in Florida. We were all singing along, just wishing we lived somewhere else.

But, that bit of wistfulness has fled to be replaced by sweaty palms and an anxiousness to take care of tasks at the office. I wish I could stay in that nowhere place, between sleep and the rush of high caffeine levels skirting around inside the blood. At once conflicted about what to do next. Am I supposed to do something? I fear out of sheer excitement, I’ve spoiled the whole thing, but maybe I haven’t. Who knows?

Stuck in the middle with you, now, I’m starting to think that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Featured image via Full Stop

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