Hollywood’s new power trio displays skill in action movies

Written by Shannon Scheidell and Max Downing

It’s a good year for movie theaters. Remakes are the main focus for filmmakers as we see Star Wars, Max Max, and Jurassic Park make their way back into the spotlight. Fans can’t deny the need to watch upgraded versions of their favorite classics.

That’s where our characters come in; there are three people who have joined forces to make waves in the industry while simultaneously gobbling up internet news feeds.

Hollywood’s most recent power trio of lead actor, lead actress, and director bills Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, and Justin Kurzel together for a classic reprisal (Macbeth) and a live-action videogame adaptation (Assassin’s Creed).

While Macbeth is set to hit theaters in October, Assassin’s Creed is slated for Q4 in 2016. The trio will be moving directly from one production set to the next, merely a year apart in release date.

It will be interesting to see how they handle the transition between working on one storyline then jumping to another in quick succession.

Michael Fassbender in Frank (via Movie Stills Database)

Going from playing an insecure artist-type with a songwriting Amiibo for a head to playing a man hellbent on revenge is quite a feat for any actor.

Marion Cotillard is also jumping roles from playing Lady Macbeth to working on two other movies also set to release next year. You might recognize her from her work in blockbuster hits like Dark Knight Rises and Inception, and underappreciated films like Two Days, One Night (French) and Midnight in Paris.

A still from Justin Kurzel’s movie Snowtown about an Australia serial killer. (via The Film Exciter)

Fledgling director Justin Kurzel got his start, 10 years ago, directing his short film Blue Tongue. Macbeth will be his third full-length feature with Assassin’s Creed shortly after.

Michael Fassbender is an actor worthy of note, as he is making a case for himself to become one of Hollywood’s A-list action superstars. His work is all over the map including a lead role in the adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s novel, Jane Eyre (2011) in addition another of his more action-centric roles in Centurion (2010).

He has shown an impressive breadth of flexibility in his acting career, exhibiting talented performances on every stage. How is he capable of playing five different characters in five different movies released this year? He’s also playing Magneto in X-Men: Apocalypse next year.

The expectation is that this trio of talent will garnish recognition, and a few awards while they’re at it, for the passion they bring to the industry.

Featured image via real virtuality

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