Terry Frid shows his work in the Schmidt Brewery artist lofts

St. Paul artist Terry John Frid is constantly pitted against obstacles out of his control, yet he still produces 15 paintings per day on average.

He lost a lot of original artwork in Florida when his storage unit came under siege by the police.

He has deep roots in St. Paul, Minn. Orignally from Florida, he moved to Minnesota to live closer to his parents. “They also grew up in this neighborhood… used to play on the river or railroad tracks,” he said.

Terry Frid’s sculpture inside his art gallery in the Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul, Minn.
His art style varies. Switching from paintings to sculptures is an infrequent activity that he chooses to pursue when he feels the need to take a step back and get a wide-angle view of his recent work. “It’s mostly 2-d in this exhibit,” he said, as he spread his arms wide to indicate the 8’x11″ geometric artwork on the walls. “I needed a break, did some sculptures.”

In contrast to his latest works, Frid’s early work took on the theme of female anatomy. That was back n graduate school.

“Now I’m painting birds,” he said. “Stained glass windows flying out of the church…” is how he described them.

Throughout all these evolutions, Terry John Frid feels drawn to his craft. He’s now offering to teach drawing classes in the spring.

You can view his work in the Schmidt Brewery hanging on various walls of the artist lofts.

A curbside view of the Schmidt Brewery on West 7th Street in St. Paul

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