Marlon Brando’s audiovisual memoir is not an easy watch

The Lagoon Cinema in Uptown Minneapolis is showing the new film about Marlon Brando’s life, Talk to Me Marlon, now through Thursday, Aug. 27.

This film presents a trip through time in a direct link to Brando’s psyche. As you listen to the recordings, you feel as alone as he was for most of his life, then when you leave the theater, Brando’s words stay with you. He’s telling us that we shouldn’t take advantage of what we have.

In the beginning of the film, you learn that he spent a lot of time, writing his memoirs through audio voice recordings, with the intention of someone making a movie about his life. “You have to be aware, look inside. If you can’t understand yourself, how can you understand anyone else?”

Tickets are $10 for adults, $7.50 for children, and $7 for seniors on weekends.


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