Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook is on display at MIA

Bill Gates has been generous enough to lend the Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Codex Leicester’ to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for two months from June 21 to Aug. 30.

The exhibit titled ‘Codex Leicester’ and the Creative Mind features the notebook of da Vinci, with his parabolic sketches of inventions in progress with accompanying writings.

Famous for painting The Mona Lisa, da Vinci also first constructed the mechanism for what we know today of the modern airplane. He also designed the modern set of roller blades, the medieval weapon of the trebuchet, and other countless treasures that society has not yet attributed to this man.

Little known fact: da Vinci discovered that the total sum of the length of both arms outstretched — from the fingertips on one hand to the fingertips of the other — equals your height from your head to your toes.

In alignment with the 100th anniversary of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, this epic display is all too fitting.

View the sepia-toned parchment imbued with life left over from the prolific genius of this Renaissance man with your own eyes now through the end of August, in Minneapolis, Minn.

What: Leonardo da Vinci’s 1507-10 scientific notebook

When: June 21-Aug. 30

Where: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Tickets: $20 adults

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