SubText book store in St. Paul hosts poetry readings, stories, and songs

SubText is a second-hand bookstore where lovers of the written word meet to hear poetry readings and stories by local authors, and watch live performances by musicians native to the Twin Cities. Four events in particular may pique your interest, and they are happening next week.

via Apostle Islands Booksellers

Friday, June 26

Timothy Young and Thomas R. Smith – Poetry

Staring at 6:30 p.m., two poets will read excerpts from their latest works. Thomas R. Smith is based in Wisconsin and in addition to other gigs scheduled this month, he will make an appearance at SubText this week.

An active member in the community, he shares his writing at nearby coffee shops and distant book stores on a weekly basis.

He also teaches writing courses for those looking for a little constructive criticism for their writing. Visit his website for more information.

To get you in the mood to attend such an auspicious event, here’s a poem by Timothy Young:

Forgive Me

ugly chrysanthemums
of smoke
from the bug-eyed,
in my heart.

His brevity is captivating. Young gives just enough imagery to suck readers into the story, then he cuts the cord with a machete and leaves you bleeding emotions you thought were long buried.

Saturday, June 27

Rich Broderick & Zoë Bird – Poetry

Zoë Bird‘s style may reflect the short-story form upon first glance, but you begin to hear them take on a rhythm all their own when you read her words:

About Maps

Looking at maps used to make me dizzy. I’ve made up towns like Sugarlips, Texas and become convinced they exist. My husband taught me the compass rose. Now what? I might walk right past the lines, past Pie Town and into an owl’s ear. I might die out there, in the land of no-map. It might be a missile-testing range. Alrighty then.

Stop in at 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 27, to hear her read a few of her favorites, along with Rich Broderick, who will also share his latest work.

Sunday, June 28

Cafe Melange, featuring Brian & Sheralyn Barnes – Music

The Facebook page for the Cafe Melange event suggests patrons will revisit scenes of exotic locales conjured up from songs performed by the band. Featured guests include Brian and Sheralyn Barnes.

Watch this video of the band covering various songs from groups like The Church (also covered by Kill Hannah) while riding the Green Line in Minneapolis.

Cafe Melange with Brian and Sheralyn Barnes produce music that induces a feeling of swaying in the breeze on a sunny summer day. They seem like a talented bunch, so check them out at SubText, if you get the chance. The show is free for all ages.

Monday, June 29

Sharon Chmielarz, Carol Connolly, John Flynn, Joyce Sutphen, and Dara Syrkin are contributors to Nodin Press, a local publication company that specializes in printing anthologies. Genres include anything from poetry to sports to nature.

Winner of the Kay Sexton award for literature, Carol Connolly writes with an honesty that stems from the many experiences she’s had as a child living in Dublin, Ireland and as an adult, living in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Transport yourself back to the ’40s, as you hear her speak about politics and love. Perhaps she’ll perform some of her comedy stand-up.

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Featured image via Colby’s Cove

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