Remake of FFVII released at E3

This year’s E3 was packed with new releases, but I’m thinking the announcement of a remake of Final Fantasy VII left fans salivating.

FF fans are loyal to the saga, and are practically losing sleep over revisiting the ’97 (US) version to get ready for the arrival of the remake. It’s no wonder the trailer for the game has over 3 million hits within 24 hours of being uploaded to YouTube.

Short history lesson

In 1987, when the game was first released in Japan, the cut scenes looked phenomenal. Square Enix used an engine back then that still surpasses certain games today. They perfected textures that really brought gamers into the story, made them feel they had to strategize to conserve mana and buff any potential HP drain.

This marks the fourth remake by Square Enix so far throughout the FF franchise, that I’m aware of, but here are a few.

Final Fantasy Remakes:

  • FFX/XII (2013) – PS4
  • FFIV (2012) – PS3
  • Tactics Advanced: War of the Lions (2011) – DS/PSP

The new version of FFVII features an open world engine, as in the original; we’ll revisit familiar territory with renewed vigor encountering the superb usage of this year’s next-gen graphics.

This is a welcome turn from the more linear titles like FFXIII, which is all cinematics. I will say there was an impressive skill tree made out of crystalline roses…


Familiar songs were remastered for FFVII’s score, using the same melodies from the original 8-bit, and the trailer suggests violins and cellos accompany the new music.

First-time players can appreciate the execution of design and computer animation apparent in the trailer, but loyal fans can embrace a soothing reminder of childhood once the music hits your ears.

FFVII… Why now?

But why, after all this time, has the company decided to remake FFVII? Could it be a PR move or have fans overtaken the inbox over at Square Enix?

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII came out for PSP in 2007 as part of the celebration for its tenth anniversary, for the first time expanding upon the story of Cloud’s mercenary exploits. Now FFVII will bring players back to the main story as sci-fi meets western and adventure ensues.


Among others revealed during E3, Kingdom Hearts, Dark Souls, and the long-awaited title The Last Guardian. *eep!*

E3 2015 focused mostly on video games for consoles, so PC gamers are waiting for Fallout 4 as their top pick so far. The remake for Final Fantasy VII is exclusive for PS4 for now. Gamespot said the port of the original to PC has been delayed.

Visit website for more information.

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