Three cheers for Fallout 4!

It’s been four years since Fallout: New Vegas and seven years since Fallout 3. Today, Bethesda released the trailer for Fallout 4 and fans are anxiously awaiting the new Wild Wasteland.

Watch the trailer from Kotaku:

Dogs are in this year

From the trailer and other screenshots, it appears the main character may be accompanied by a canine companion in the otherwise blighted arena of radioactive mayhem. Instead of scenes tinged in the sepia tone we’ve come to associate with happier times long gone, there are colorful carnivals and powerful airships in the trailer for Fallout 4, ripe for bored eyes to ogle and anxious thumbs to prod. Maybe players can expect to see mini-games scattered throughout the main story and side quests, much like Red Dead Redemption or Left 4 Dead.

On another note, it seems like the developers behind the mechanics for the game are up to new tricks. The light streaming through the windows in the featured house in the trailer looks superb, I might add; the way it picks up the dust floating in the air and the old bougainvillea vines left stuck to the walls inside. I’m anticipating spending hours turning my character this way and that, just to nab a few screen grabs upon my arrival in the new landscape.


There appear to be more characters in this game, as well. Is there a sense of community building throughout the wastes that we haven’t heretofore seen? It’s almost as if there’s some semblance of hope for reconstructing the world that we blew to smithereens.

No release date announced

Fans will have to push their overeager emotions aside, however. As of now, there is no confirmation of a firm release date for Fallout 4, but IGN promises to cover the unveiling of any new information that comes out of this year’s E3. So, follow them (or Kotaku, Polygon, GameSpot, etc.) for all the latest updates.

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