New Surly black ale “1349” named after black metal band 1349

surly-1349Black metal band 1349 will play St. Paul on June 5 at Amsterdam bar and music hall to commemorate the release of the latest brew from Minnesota-based brewery Surly.

The new batch is named in-part after 1349 and each serving also yields a 13.49% alcohol content per pint.

1349 is said to be a collaboration between the tried-and-true recipes of Norwegian brewery Lervig, with an added kick that’s completely unpredictable.

The label from the archive reads:

As the bubonic plague silenced 2/3rds of Norway’s population back in the day, this dark beverage will scatter ashes along its way – leaving you breathless, but wanting more. The 1394 Black Ale is our Strange Old Brew; an absolutely massive beer loaded with all the power malts, hops and freshly ground espresso coffee has to offer, and rounded off with a distinguishable note of apocalyptic delicacy. This calls for a toast; now have a sip from our massive cauldron of chaos.

Norwegian black metal band 1349 released their sixth album, Massive Cauldron of Chaos, last year and now they will play at the release party for Surly’s new beer, similarly titled 1349.

With six year-round and 28 seasonal and occasional brews available for purchase, this is Surly’s second to be named after a musical act, the first being DOOMTREE, and Surly hasn’t exactly hidden the fact that their main influences include pentagrams, witches, and other hellish nightmare fiends in addition to age-old recipes for their brews. The brewery has its roots in the metal scene, as the head brewer played in the band Powermad in the 80s and hasn’t lost touch with his dark side yet.

1349 is also scheduled to play With Full Force Festival XII at Flugplatz Roitzschjora in July, alongside Heaven Shall Burn, Destrage, Any Given Day, Chelsea Grin, Lamb of God, Carcass, and Arch Enemy to name a few of the bands touring Germany this summer.

Purchase tickets online for $12 and $15 at the door to watch them perform live at Amsterdam in St. Paul on June 5.

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