Wayward Pines: M. Night Shyamalan’s first TV series


Commenters are comparing Wayward Pines to The Dome and one critic says the 10-part miniseries is in league with Lost. Whether it’s is a knock-off or an original, M. Night Shyamalan’s first TV series is gaining traffic as a controversial topic among fans.

“I’m happy to see his name again, and am looking forward to seeing what he cooks up,” wrote @amahartman, but others on the NPR forum didn’t seem so enthused.

With blockbusters The Village and Unbreakable, the writer/director has stars big name stars on his side of the court, so it’s no surprise he’s nabbed another in casting Matt Dillon as the lead for Wayward Pines, which is being pegged as the latest and greatest horror/suspense TV show since Hemlock Grove–gore included.

Carla Gugino plays Kate, a woman who helps Ethan (Dillon) “fit into” a town nearby the site of his recent car accident and as he’s recuperating, his seasoned detective instincts kick in.

I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but from the brevity of the trailer alone, I would wager it’s a “cliffhanger”, unlike what one blogger has written. If you want to know my opinion about this, the font-face on that promotional cover for the show makes me think of a Perry Como song almost instantly. I’m thinking the one thing the premise lacks is humor. If the story were set in the 50s and everyone cheerfully mowed their lawn in unison, like in Edward Scissorhands, the plot would gain a little added creepiness. Shyamalan doesn’t tend toward that direction, though; his style is much more serious, eerie.

Catch the show on Fox or Hulu and decide whether it’s worthy of being called the next best thing since Rose Red.

Featured image via Bolsamanía.

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