Fight Club #2 premiere released on Free Comic Book Day

IMG_9870Free Comic Book Day 2015, brought a few new additions to collectors’ bookshelves, but it’s a rare thing to see a book-turned-movie, now transformed into a comic book sitting on the table labeled “Free” at Big Brain.

Chuck Palahniuk, writer of the 1996 novel Fight Club, teamed up with Batgirl artist Cameron Stewart to bring fans the long-awaited sequel, Fight Club #2.

So far, the story can’t be found anywhere else, as Palahniuk wrote it exclusively for the graphic novel, with Stewart’s brilliant art direction to flesh it out.

Stewart’s style is perfection. With sharp edges and cross-hatched shadows, he brings out the true grit of the story.

Fight Club #2 begins right where the book left off, though if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, you’re still in good shape. The dialogue makes it clear to newcomers just how masochistic and cynical our main character is and Palahniuk does a good job of summarizing the current state of affairs in this world of everlasting ennui that has and always will be Sebastian’s life.

fight-club-comicNow, I’m curious. How much time has passed? alludes to the span of a decade, but how could they have kept the underground boxing ring packed with bodies all this time? Would Marla and Whatever-His-Name-Is stick around the same watering holes for 10 years without killing each other? Inconceivable!

The end of the 12-page preview has our main character being sent to a mental ward in the local hospital, but something tells me they can’t keep Tyler Durden locked up for long. (*ahem* His friends are whisking him away as we speak.)

The full first issue of Fight Club #2 will be available for purchase May 27 and Chuck Palahniuk’s first nonfiction work, Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread, is also slated to be released into the wild this month.

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