An excerpt from my ebook: ‘Celebrate Eve , Take a Bite of This Apple’

Written by Joe Hill

If this interests you, the whole book is downloadable FREE at  You may have to use Bing as a search engine, maybe not. Thank you for your interest.

This is the story of my trip to Europe in 2008, during my training as a humanitarian aid worker. The experience affected me so deeply, that I wrote a novella to share with the world. Here is an excerpt from my new book, Celebrate Eve , Take a Bite of This Apple:

Joe Hill, the writer, pictured right.

“During negotiations that night, Leta was the team leader and I should not speak unless spoken to or directed to by Leta. That is part of what being a team member is. It is knowing your part and doing your best when called upon. The machine of life accomplishes this task through use of all of its parts, each doing their assigned task, each equally as important. Fortunately, I was able to contribute to its success more fully when the opposition force commander confronted me directly.

It had been proposed by their leader that someone stay behind and give medical aid as necessary to his warriors. Leta had made him aware that we were all trained to give emergency medical treatment. He picked me to stay. He asked me what I thought about that idea. I knew that in a real-life situation, the possibility of being killed after my use would be high. I envisioned one of my heroes in life: Clint Eastwood as Josie Wales.

Josie has an Indian buddy that says to him, “It is a good day to die,” when preparing for battle. That was my mindset as we began to speak. I spoke of the honor of the warrior from my heart and meant what was said. I knew that I was speaking to a true warrior that in real life had fought for his country in recent years. He knew what it was like to be on a side that might have to kill or be killed and knew that he had already probably done so. A man that I perceived to know to fight with honor, is what truly matters. Only then can you take another’s life and be able to live with it. Unfortunately, I also know of the man inside all of us, that when we confront possible death, of what we are capable of doing in order to preserve the life of ourselves and comrades. I once tried to bite off a piece of someone’s foot that was kicking me in the face and body along with his buddy while I was on the ground.

When it gets down to it, you do whatever you got to do in order to preserve the peace that you are trying to bring upon society.

I was able to successfully explain to him that trust and honor was essential to a successful partnership. We were asking for his trust to believe that we would not be betraying any information about his troops, their condition, numbers, or locations to the government. I emphasized that he also had to show us that we could trust him to always assure the protection and safety of our people that would come into contact with him or any of the people that he had control of. If he took me for any reason it would be considered a hostage situation and none of our other people would want to provide the help that his people needed. He listened to reason and in my mind as I saw the Indian Chief sitting across from Josie and saying that my words of death had honor, and therefore my words of life had honor. I watched Leta as she had relinquished control of my own destiny to me. Beautiful in the semi darkness as she was beautiful in the light. I yearned for her but I dare not tell her. She was too young for me only in age. An incredible woman at 23. So intelligent, well trained, and deadly. The kind of woman. I dreamed of siring warriors with.

The Commander would honor my words of life that night and I was not taken hostage, or killed. During the discussion with the leader, the soldier behind my head at the window kept pulling the hammer back on his .45 and dry firing it at times. In real life I have taken a gun from a man that was threatening me and beat him up with his own gun, but that was not for tonight, nor would it be for my future in this kind of work. Others around the room would make their rifles inject a cartridge into their chambers, usually at times when the negotiations were getting hairy. We knew that at any moment, the Cobra could issue an order to have us all killed, just to teach us a lesson.

Nothing like realism in life, except for this reality.”

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  1. What a beginning of a fantastic magical story. I can tell the ending will be magnificent, and when you start telling us about Aliens in the Afterword.I can hardly wait.


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