National Drop-Everything-and-Read Day

via Work Life Balance Protection Agency

Tomorrow is National Reading Drop-Everything-and-Read-Day, and upon realization you may be saying to yourself, “This is just another one of those made-up holidays,” and to that I say, “Nay! This is a most-necessary holiday!”

Statistics show that reading calms the soul, quiets the mind and allows creativity to flow free in addition to assisting in natural blood flow from involuntary breathing. Readers physically relax and let go of the present to delve into another world of the author’s creation.

This is why a lot of people read before they fall asleep. Not only does it activate hidden parts of the brain that are susceptible to thoughts of whimsy, reading induces a precursor to the dreaming state.

Have you ever taken sleeping pills, but instead of giving in to rest, you accidentally start to think about your life? It’s like that, without the added anxiety. Reading actually reduces feelings of anxiety. It’s a proven fact!

Some people meditate to relieve stress and regain control of their lives after a hectic work week. Others can’t fathom the idea of sitting cross-legged on a mat in the center of their bedroom while the world goes on without them. There are alternative forms of meditation, including practicing mindfulness, focusing on a single task for a long period of time, and–you guessed it–reading.

Whether you choose to meditate or read, both activities strengthen willpower, while simultaneously teaching your mind to let go of the burdens of life.

Another interesting thought to consider, the act of reading helps you burn more calories than watching TV does. It’s a strange thing, and I would like to know more about the tests performed which produced such an analysis, but I might just believe it anyway.

That being said, take time to yourself today and open up a book. You could read a magazine, or even one of your childhood favorites if you so choose. Consider this a mandatory break, imposed upon you by the gods of silly holidays. I, for one, feel this day should be taken as seriously as say, Labor Day. Everyone deserves a day to of introspection, escapism, and freedom from the humdrum of the weekly routine.

You deserve it, so carry on and read a book!

Featured image via Life of a Female Bibliophile

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