Segue Cafe hosts reading for emerging authors

segue-cafeSegue Cafe is honoring the success of its first month, after the grand opening on Feb. 6, with literary readings by emerging authors.

Myriad cafés in the Twin Cities host poetry slams and workshops for local writers, but this shop is one of the most quaint locations I’ve come across so far.

The tables are fashioned from recycled wooden doors, and a chalkboard to the right of the entrance is consistently filled to the edges with a number of songs that get stuck in your head.

If you haven’t had a chance to dilly dally around the area, I suggest you pop in for some coffee (or try the jasmine tea) while you delve into the wildest dreams of the creative minds who are working on writing history as we speak.

Park in back for a small fee or take a shot at the limited parallel parking on 10th Street on April 10 to experience “2×2 in the Twin Cities”.

Featured image via Segue Cafe

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