Long live Princess Chelsea!

via the Princess Chelsea Facebook page
via the Princess Chelsea Facebook page

Princess Chelsea has announced she’ll release a new album this year, called The Great Cybernetic Depression.

With the exception of “Cigarette Duet” and “Overseas”, she typically performs all of her own instrumentals and vocals, but the latest release “No Church On Sunday” was written by her friend Jamie-Lee.

You can watch the video on YouTube and listen to the track on Spotify. The single will also be featured on the new album.

Hailing from New Zealand, it might not be too far a stretch to say the song itself shows late 90s influences in the tune of UK artist, Sonique‘s, “Feel So Good“, while her overall sound lives in the land of Grimes with deeply personal lyrics as bands like The Drums reveal.

“No Church On Sunday” is a bit on the ballroom dance ballad side in comparison to her 2011 release L’il Golden Book, in terms of pacing, but don’t fret! The track features those signature ringing bell notes provided by Princess Chelsea’s xylophone that fans have come to expect and adore.

There’s no doubt the 2015 release will soon find a home on my CD rack, but one my go-to Princess Chelsea tracks would be “Ice Reign”, where she describes the monotonous routine one becomes accustomed to as you discover that the joy you once felt while playing your favorite MMO has quickly morphed into more of a job and less like having fun slaying monsters while arguing in Vent about who gets the loot. I can relate to that…

A lot of her lyrics display a hint of social commentary on the current state of society with an added effect honest reflection of how she’s affected by trends like cigarettes and the occasional urge to give into wanderlust. Her music videos, on the other hand, are quite silly and totally fun–not at all what you might expect from such a serious-sounding female vocalist.

So there you go! Mark your kitty calendars for June 8, when The Great Cybernetic Depression is scheduled for release in the US. Meanwhile, you can visit Princess Chelsea‘s website to listen to past albums and get a feel for her individual style of spacey pop music.

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