The cure for writer’s block is here! 


The cure for writer’s block is here in the form of the Writer Emergency Pack: A deck of cards designed to give writers a leg-up when they’re feeling a little left behind.

The Writer Emergency Pack is a set of cards with images and prompts that tap into the silly, strange, and imaginative parts of the brain that may have been formally locked away due to stress or the lack of a proper stimulus for writing a story.

Now, instead of giving into depression or forcing out unintelligible lines of dialogue for your stunted characters, you can simply draw a card and gain insight into the motivations of your leading personas.

Click here for more information about the Writer Emergency Pack.


John August is gaining a steady reputation as a reliable source for budding script and fiction writers, and his is the mind behind this innovative way to have fun while brainstorming for your next story.

John August’s website offers full dialogues, readthroughs for action sequences in movies, and the exact verbiage pertaining to podcasts.

Regardless of your learning style, his helpful tips and downloadable scripts give you an alternative way of understanding visual and audio media through the written word.

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