Southern prog-soul band DAMS show off self-made music video

There’s something satisfying about the sound of southern prog-soul band DAMS. They play with the ease of a group of friends banging around a garage back in the 70s, yet the composition is fluid, complete, and 100% post-modern blues rock.

From their first EP, the song “PREGNESS” struck me as being a kind of experimental void into which you could hear the suspense of the lyrical story creep up on the crowd while the drums and guitar come together to build an imaginary scene. Almost as if the music can peer out at you from the darkness and draw you into its lure, commanding attention and rendering you helplessly swaying to the beat.

Their latest email newsletter boasted these guys (and gal) made it to SXSW in Texas a couple of weeks ago and good for them! DAMS is finally starting to make waves, if you’ll pardon the pun.

My first encounter with the band occurred when I saw them play Uncle Lou’s, in Orlando, Fla. last year. It was a small, intimate show and you could feel the good vibes reverberating off the bodies of those jamming out in the crowd. I then picked up their 2-song EP and listened to it on repeat, until I lost the CD. (I can’t find these two songs online, but the tunes are on my iPod, if y’all want a sample.)

Now, DAMS has released a new song, “Silk Cocoon”, with a neat music video to go along with it. It’s a little on the trippy side, with clips from shows they’ve recorded as well as some playful scenes from the beach. It gives the impression that they shot and edited the video themselves, which is pretty impressive for a four-some from Atlanta, Ga. who released their first album in March, 2014.

Follow DAMS on Facebook for up-to-date tour info and to listen to more of their singles online.

Featured image credit: DAMS bandcamp

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