Tired of waiting out the Winter weather? Go geocaching!

via sport-kid.net

In case you haven’t noticed, the forecasts for the last few weeks have been a little frenetic. One day it’s 55 degrees and the next, you’re uncovering the gloves and scarves you tucked away thinking Spring was finally here.

Feeling a little like JD Salinger after his novel went viral? Take to the woods and set out on your own adventure this weekend! Give geocaching a shot and see if this sort of activity is your bag, baby.

All you need is a device with GPS capabilities, a pen, and maybe a little scrap of paper to track down and record your findings. Bring a tiny trinket along for the ride if you decide to keep any treasures you find; it is greatly encouraged to replace what you take home.

weather-mn-saturdaySaturday’s weather forecast appears to project the most favorable conditions for a short hike through the trail of your choosing.

To get started, log onto geocaching.com and pick out the treasure hunt that appeals most to you. The descriptions highlighted in green are tailored especially toward the geocaching newbie, so feel free to travel at your own pace.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find your favorite new hobby? Just don’t become too disappointed when you get drawn into the hunt, then discover you won’t be able to go back out and explore until the next time Mother Nature decides to let up with the cold and bring the sun back out.

There is also a beginner’s activity lesson on April 25, held at the William O’Brien State Park and hosted by Andy McCracken.

Let me know if you decide to go and maybe I’ll see you out there!

Happy hunting.

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