Want a 12″ MacBook? See how the specs stack up, then decide

If you’re one the special group of individuals who takes pleasure in having the newest, shiniest tech toy on the market, then this product is for you! According to TIME magazine, Apple has released specifications for their latest “innovation”, the 12″ MacBook. Previously, the sizes of laptops ranged from 13-17, utilizing odd-numbered aspect ratios, but the company is hailing the new MacBook as the lightest and most compact of its kind.

The Good

Most laptops boast 4-6GB of memory, and it’s difficult to install additional sticks into Windows computers, let alone trying your hand at the landmine that is the steel shell encasing the innards of the MacBook. One wrong move and you may void your warranty, or worse yet, render your Mac inoperable. That being said, it’s truly amazing that Apple has given this tiny little creature 8GB of memory out of the gate. To gamers, this sounds like Heaven in a handbag, BUT! The only games you can play come down to Valve’s Portal 2 and Blizzard’s Diablo 3 and that good ol’ trusty WoW. (If I missed a good one, let me know and I’ll download it pronto!) I’m sure that 8GB can be put to use running InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more simultaneously if you can be classified as being of the designer species. So, if that’s your bag, baby, then this puppy might be your next best friend. And if you don’t want to think any negative thoughts about the features of the new MacBook, feel free to skip the rest of the article and head to Best Buy in April with $1,299 in hand.

12" MacBook
Maybe you could use this as your on-the-go, last-resort device? At a whopping $1,299, would you want to put all your eggs into this particular basket, so to speak? (Photo via jailbreakmodo.com)

The Bad

So, we’ve heard about The Good, but what can we say that might be overly opinionated and super snarky when it comes to the future of this technological race? Well, after reading an article from Gizmodo about how the capabilities of engineering radios in the past are still far more advanced than what franchises are creating today, I am feeling a little biased and also sort of critical about the new devices being produced. With that said, are they really giving this project the go-ahead when the base model holds a maximum 256GB of storage? I guess you could tote around an external drive, in addition to the cords and adapters to connect it, or you could go the iCloud route and store everything on the net. Either way, this doesn’t seem to be a one-stop-shop as far as laptops are concerned. Maybe you could use this as your on-the-go, last-resort device? At a whopping $1,299, would you want to put all your eggs into this particular basket, so to speak?

The Ridiculous

Now, we’re getting into the nitty gritty. So, let’s dive in, shall we? With one connector to rule them all, this would seem to be everyone’s dream machine, but in reality, how does this logically make sense? On the new 12″ MacBook, there is no CD drive, HDMI hookup, or lightning port (as with the latest-generation iPhones and iPads). Instead, you have one connector to provide power, video output, and device connectivity, rendering the multitude of adapters you may have in your arsenal completely useless. You’ll have to buy a new set of power cords, external displays and storage devices if you want to share your latest PowerPoint presentation at the next marketing meeting and you can’t expect your friends to lend you their power supply when you run out of juice, now can you? Case in point: Think before you buy! As glorious as a new gold-plated MacBook may seem to be in your mind’s eye, as you visualize balancing it on the palm of one hand while you diddle away at the keys and trackpad with the other, showing off your latest investment, you should consider other options if you’re looking for a new portable computer.

12" MacBook
My advice would be to test the water before you leap into the pond, do your homework and then buy the new MacBook if you wish. (Photo via google.co.in)

Take Acers for example, or an Asus, or if you want to be hooked into the net 24/7 (as we all, indubitably, are) then try the Chromebook. My advice would be to test the water before you leap into the pond, do your homework and then buy the new MacBook if you wish. At this point, I’m leaning more away from Apple than toward it, but like I said, I’m a picky eater when it comes to the buffet of devices available today. 12″ Macbook Specs:

  • 1.1Ghz dual-core Intel Core M processor
  • 256GB SSD hard drive
  • 12″ Retina display
  • Intel HD 3500 graphics

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