Another ‘Jurassic Park’ movie, really!?

jurassic-parkDon’t get me wrong, I love dinosaurs. All those myths revolving around their inevitable demise, the fact that no one can quite get it right, it’s fascinating to me. Just think about the DNA composition of an alligator or a cockroach, both species can be traced back to the Prehistoric age. Novelist Michael Crichton devoted a small amount of his genius to researching the subject and writing Jurassic Park long before a movie was produced that could match the suspense and scare-factor that this novel produced in me, as a kid.

It’s amazing to think that these books can still be expanded upon and turned into movies when they were written over 20 years ago. There have been three movies so far, with a fourth,”Jurassic World,” scheduled to hit theaters next year.

Want to know something silly? Michael Crichton only wrote two novels for the series: Jurassic Park (1990) and The Lost World (1995). You might think, “Oh, that’s fine, Harry Potter was turned into, like, nine movies when there were only seven books because the last book was broken into two parts and made into separate films,” but boy, is this different.

A little known fact about the writer’s involvement with the film is that he never wanted to write a sequel to Jurassic Park, but Spielberg goaded him into it. I’ve read the novels, as well as a few others of his, including The Andromeda Strain, Next and Airframe for example. His style is such that each novel is a catch-all, a complete and original thought process imbued with a dreamer’s creativity and a scientist’s curiosity about topics like genetics, viruses and dinosaurs.

If you’ve read The Lost World, you can even tell that Crichton might have had to pull a couple of teeth to crawl back into the Park, a place he thought he shut the gates to years before.

The movie plot for “The Lost World” officially ends where his last novel did, so how did “Jurassic Park III” make it to theaters, anyhow? And how does Spielberg expect to quell the uprising that will ensue once die-hard fans of the original find out that parts of the plot for “Jurassic World” are simply reiterations of what took place in “Jurassic Park?”

After watching the trailer for the new movie, I’m left wondering why it’s such a shock to see new characters create dinosaurs in a lab, when back in the 90s, the original film hinted at a reality where dinosaurs could be brought back to life, essentially. I mean, how surprising is it to see that this movie coming out next year features a hybrid dinosaur made in a lab? Yeah, that’s ingenuity right there.

Everyone is after a little piece of the pie, as they say, so it’s no wonder Steven Spielberg wants to try his hand at breaking the cap on his last series, “Transformers.”

“Jurassic Park III” grossed $181,171,875, so why not try and pull a few more bucks out of the franchise before the decade comes to a close and the next generation forgets about this awesome sci-fi plotline about dinosaurs?

The thing that really gets my goat is Colin Trevorrow, the director of Jurassic World, and screenplay writer Derek Connolly are teaming up to make this thing come to life. And from the looks of it, the trailer reminds me of some socio-political commentary on the recent protests against SeaWorld and other regional zoos.

It’s a hot topic right now, so I guess Hollywood is trying to capitalize on the trauma while it’s still fresh in the minds of the public. It might be kind of neat to see a movie about an orca-gone-rogue who’s out for revenge, that terrorizes seaside towns, but maybe it’s too soon for all that.

To me, “Jurassic World” has less to do with what Crichton created back in the 90s and is more or less related to re-inflating the egos of aging film directors.

“Jurassic World” is slated for June 12, 2015, so we’ll just have to wait ‘til then to see if Spielberg can pull it off.

Published in Orlando’s Own Magazine

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