Plunder away! Loot Crate brings geeks the gear they need

Bits and pieces left over from my October crate. (I used some of the Halloween tattoos!)

This just in: There’s a subscription service available for a low monthly fee that gives geeks something to smile about every day of the week. For as low as $13 per month, you can send someone (or yourself) a Loot Crate full of goodies worth $40 or more.

The products appear seemingly random, but each batch is picked specifically to accommodate the interests of the majority of sci-fi, nerdom and all-around gaming fans.

How it works

“The cofounders decide each theme with input from the product/sales team and the marketing team,” said Marissa from the marketing and PR team.

“We take new movie, video game, toy, and pop culture releases into account, as well as Looter feedback. The final decision lands on Chris, the CEO.”

Looters could come home to a box full of Alien action figures or an issue of the Walking Dead comic, available only to subscribers. How awesome is that?

“It can be very difficult at times, since we know it’s impossible that everyone will like everything. It’s a delicate balance between managing expectations and experimenting. However, we’ve been at this long enough that we can see what the reaction is and get a feel for what people like and what people don’t,” said Marissa.

It’s a T-shirt with what looks like a skull on it (from afar,) but if you look closely, it’s just a bunch of cute cats…

The service has only been around for a short while, and yet it’s blowing up on Instagram and Twitter. I’m a Looter and I can personally tell you that it feels like Christmas when I come home from work and see the black box sitting at my door.


From talking to a friend in Seattle, Wash. who got me hooked on Loot Crate, I anticipate more and more fans are going to get on board. It’s really pretty neat to find a surprise in every box that you can show off to your friends; almost like being part of a secret club or something.

Another Looter is already looking forward to his next arrival. “Great concept and execution! The items were great and I can’t wait until next month!” said Tyler B.

In the future

As an added bonus, after Nov. 21, Looters have the option of signing up for an “amiibo Subscription Service.” That entitles you to 10 Nintendo-themed figures over the course of three months during the holidays, which means you may find a new Donkey Kong or Pikachu in your crate, designed to make you the envy of the office. (Just because you work 9-5, doesn’t mean you aren’t a child on the inside.)

Click here for examples of past crates and start receiving your own sampling of an array of geeky merchandise.

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