Aaron Spangler woodcarvings shown at Highpoint Center for Printmaking

It’s not often we see artists creating works from scratch, but Aaron Spangler’s woodcarvings prove that the traditional art form has not gone out of style.

From now until Nov. 15, visit the Highpoint Center for Printmaking and view his unique images, ranging in size from 4.5′ x 2.5′ to 8′ x 4′. The “canvas” is not as big as some of Dali’s smallest paintings, yet you might need to take a step back to fully grasp the enormity of these woodcarvings.

“Reclining Arms” by Aaron Spangler, (2014)

Using rudimentary tools like a chisel, and oftentimes fir, he whittles away at basswood to evoke images of the community that get stuck in his subconscious.

His Minnesota surroundings comprise the subject matter of the artwork. Within “Fence Lines,” I see a guitar, crosses and representations of tribal markings, which might allude to the Native American heritage of Minnesota, mixed with Christian themes and interspersed with myriad 90-degree angles indicating the disparate realities entwined within the diverse culture of this state.

If you’re looking for a gallery this weekend, make sure to check out this exhibition, titled “Luddite: New Prints by Aaron Spangler”. Click here to view digital renderings of his work, or find directions to the Highpoint Center for Printmaking to get up close and personal with the details of Spangler’s designs.

Featured image via Huffington Post

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