Into the Void: This store sells metal music


So, I was just on my way to Capitol Guitars, picking up a sweet deep blue acoustic electric with my neighbor and there, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. It was Heaven staring me right in the face (or it was Hell, if you like that sort of thing). The shop window for Into the Void Records took me for surprise so I just had to step inside.

Shane Kingsland opened the store in 2012, using the same name as the store in Ireland that opened in 2010. Both stores were named after the Black Sabbath song, Into the Void.

Much like his affinity for travel, his musical tastes are “all over the map.”

“I’m more of a music fanatic, than a metal fanatic. I like Tom Waits, George Jones and Waylon Jennings, too.”

He said he has read biographies of musicians and country is his favorite. “There is more visceral emotion. Rock stars are always gloating.”

Shane’s life is all about the music, which is why he wanted to open a metal records store in St. Paul, Minn. He recently moved from Madison, Wis.

He said, “The scene was just too small there. Here, you have Mill City Nights and a ton of other places you can go to see a show.”

Into the Void sells tickets, too. Though the store sells every kind of metal you can think of–death metal, heavy metal, doom, prog, grindcore and even some crust punk and old-school Rush–black metal tickets sell the quickest. It’s just that easy to knock out two birds with one stone. You can get your albums, records, 7-inch and more, AND pick up tickets for the latest shows around town. How sweet is that?


So, instead of having to recite your ABCs when you’re looking for a CD, your brain automatically picks out the artists you’re looking for because you are familiar with the lettering of your favorite bands.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this trick before?

Before we had Spotify or Pandora to feed us garbage we don’t want to listen to in the first place; there were stores like this where you could go in, talk to your friend at the counter, and ask him what you should listen to. I asked Shane if he had any recommendations for me. He asked what I was into, and he gave me the gift of Alcest and Sólstafir. That was yesterday. My life has dramatically taken a turn for the better, now that I’ve discovered this place.

Shane said he’s been “wheelin’ and dealin’ music” since the 90s and I’m glad. He’s had a lot of experience listening to good music and now he’s sharing that knowledge with the hapless music-starved masses who enter  his domain.

The two-year anniversary of the shop’s grand opening is coming up, Mid-November. Check it out. There will probably be a party in the store, because, why not?

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