Indie bands Washed Out and Small Black are coming to town

You might have heard their names mentioned once or twice in passing. Their songs aren’t played on public radio, but there’s a chance you’ve found yourself vibing to the rhythm of Washed Out or Small Black while whetting your whistle at a local indie pub. These two musical acts are coming to Minneapolis, Minn. on Sept. 1 where they’re sure to get you in the mood down at First Avenue.

Fans of the hit show, Portlandia, will recognize Washed Out’s “Feel it All Around” as the theme song to the series as it makes its landmark fifth season set for debut next year.

Ernest Greene of Washed Out also made his own rendition of Small Black’s “Despicable Dogs,” in 2009, giving the song an upbeat twist to the otherwise low-key vocals and synthy sound, so the two groups have more in common than you might have guessed. This won’t be the first time they’ve performed on the same lineup, however. The tour continues with pit stops in Pennsylvania, Missouri and Iowa before the bus settles in and cools off in Minnesota in September.

The show is 18+, with doors opening at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $16 in advance and $18 at the door.

You can also find Washed Out‘s 2013 album, Paracosm, on Amazon and check out Small Black‘s latest track “Breathless” on YouTube.

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