The trees fight back in this new graphic novel

Warren Ellis, the mastermind behind the graphic novel and now major motion picture, Red, will release his new series about trees tomorrow. Casey Gilly of ComicBookResources interviewed Jason Howard, the illustrator for the story.

Basically, it goes like this.

Sometime in the near future, humans discover that there are intelligent lifeforms that exist in space. Earth is no longer alone in the battle for being the predominant species who think and feel as though they are masters of the universe. Ten years after this revelation, an alien race descends upon the blue planet and silently begins to make its presence known to the world.

It would be fascinating to see if this new strain of conifer, or whatever extraterrestrial foliage, is carnivorous. That’s where my thought process is leaning. Hopefully the plants have some kind of mind-melding, telepathic powers unlike those found in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening.

Readers will have to wait until tomorrow (May 28) to dig into the truth behind the trees.

The second and third installments to the series are slated for release a month apart, beginning in June.

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