Earthday Birthday 21: WJRR hosts one awesome rock ‘n roll show

Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil singing “Heaven’s a Lie”

WJRR, hosted its 21st-annual Earthday Birthday party in commemoration of all things green. Well, from the top of the Ferris Wheel, the wandering army of headbangers appeared as a sea of black ants, if you ask me (All rides on the grounds were free , with the exception of the $10 zip line).

The Central Florida Fairgrounds was poppin’ off Saturday, April 12, 2014. I’d say there were thousands looking for their own customized version of fun in the slow-broiling sun. Bodies were emitting heat, each person his or her own furnace of metal fury or smoked-out simmering chill.

This year there were four stages that EDBDers could pick and choose who to see. They were human pinballs on the hunt for the origins of that dank smell emanating from the gang fumigating the front. Cypress Hill lit up right on stage, after the henchmen in blue shirts ushered photographers out of the op area at the end of their third song.

It was like 2001 in a nutshell. Alter Bridge headlined the show, while Fuel, Authority Zero,  and local band Gorilla Fight played on the Native Noise stage.

Richard Patrick, frontman for Filter, tossed his mic stand about the Rock Pink stage and slurred up lyrics to old favorites. Lacuna Coil put on one hell of a theatrical goth show, reminiscent of my high school days, and after seeing Soil for the second time, I can say those fellas could do no wrong by the crowd.

There were some Moto-X stunt drivers doing their thing; souped-up bikes under tents to the side were propped up for prospective buyers to sit on them and test their weight. Topless girls had their chests painted in various renderings of the Easter bunny and other dragon-like butterflies and such. I might be so bold as to say a merry time was had by all.

Check out the HBnBM gallery for a few photos of the bands and a handful of crowds shots.


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