Attack on Titan live-action movie slated for 2015

attack on titan w3rdn3rd

Japanese news site RocketNews24 has announced there will a live-action Attack on Titan movie released next year.

The first movie will re-cap the first 13 episodes and a second movie is scheduled for release the following year; this one will cover episodes 14-25.

For those of you who haven’t seen this anime, you might be sparing yourself the image of a post-apocalyptic future where 12-foot “titans” eat the remaining members of the human population (for fun!), as they are quarantined within the walls of the last nation-state remaining on the planet.

The show is highly addicting and you can probably binge-watch it on Crunchy Roll, free with paid subscription, if you’re a budding masochistic who would like to see your nightmares realized in a beautifully hand-drawn and computer-animated medium.

First, watch the anime, then make sure to catch the live-action film, starring actor/singer Haruma Miura, slated for release next year.

Maybe we can discuss whether they did a good job of covering all the bases in a future post, or something?

While I have your attention, for the moment, why don’t you check out photos from Kotaku of Battlefield Island (the location of the set of the film), as they are absolutely amazing!

(Featured photo via

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