TBA Games releases Periareion for Steam Greenlight

With so many kickstarters out there, can you choose just one to support? Are gamers more interested in playing 2.5D brawlers like Ascendant or would they prefer to play a puzzler like Temple Tap? Personally, my sights are on Periareion, the new title from TBA Games.

Battling the elements and colonizing Mars is something I’d like to get on board with (If the Russians would let us Southern Yankees over here get a chance to hitch a ride with them). Needless to say, I want to play this game TODAY and see if I have what it takes to be a real space explorer.

Periareion is an intergalactic space simulator, where players can land on Mars and thus set out on an adventure as true to life as it gets, if ever you want to leave this planet behind and embark on the audacious quest of starting from scratch on a hulk of dust and water lightyears away from here.

One thing potential players have been asking: Will there be aliens in the game?

The answer is sadly, no. For those who like to kick a few baddies to the dirt in between gathering materials and carving out a core establishment of their own to call home, this might not be the game of a lifetime. But, the pace and setting of Periareion is enough to make me curious as to how a person might go about settling down on Mars.

When the time is right and the kickstarter comes to a close, this game may very well end up revolutionizing the way humanity looks at living in space.

The minds behind this new game collectively call themselves TBA Games, which was founded in 2013, out of Orlando, Fla. With Periaerion as their first title, players will soon find out just what a locally-based game dev can crank out for them. If you’re interested in supporting their cause, or you’d like to contact the team, head over to their site to see how you can turn this kickstarter into a potentially educational and addicting RTS.

Want to find another game that’s just starting to find its feet? Steam Greenlight has plenty of games for players to try before they buy.

Published on Headbang ‘n Buttonmash.com

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