Hails, Metalhead. Please lurk around.

If you’re reading this, you already have excellent taste in music, so let your playlist roam and wind down the hours reading the latest video game news and reviews on our site, right here.

In addition to some supplemental music content, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest rumors in the gaming industry and exclusive interviews with devs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Everyone likes merch, so why don’t you take a second to check out our store? We recently launched a store that includes those Minimalist Black Metal posters that were featured on Metal Injection and Metal Sucks. You’ve been surfing the net for hours, looking for the best gear for your dorm, but don’t sweat; we’ve got you covered.

Gamers: Follow us on Twitch. We stream LIVE every Monday at 9 p.m. We’ll bring you coverage of TitanfallElder Scrolls Online and much more, on a weekly basis, so stay tuned!

Here are some of our most popular posts:


You’ve probably seen our 165 Essential Mathcore Albums list already, but this is a great time to get caught up on something you haven’t heard yet.


If you can also get down with the hip-hop, you don’t want to miss our 7 Rappers to Check Out in 2014 list. You probably haven’t heard of any of these talented artists.

Gotham is probably the most metal city in popular comics, and it’s no secret that Robin Plays MMORPGswhile he’s bored.


We like to keep a sense of humor about things, so we tend to mashup metal and nerd culture. The proof is in the pudding when Pikachu joins Amon Amarth.


Sometimes multiple interests come together and we can’t help but gawk, like with this Final Fantasy VII double picture-disc vinyl LP.

We also do live local video coverage and interviews, like this recent video of Kayo Dot‘s full set and interview from here in Orlando, Florida.

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Come join the dark side and you’ll find the best of both worlds all on one site. (We promise, and would we lie to you, our adoring fans? *chuckle, tee hee*)

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There’s also this legendary thing called, “The Forum“, where you can rant and rave and share all those teeny tiny little thoughts you think are appropriate to read the world over, but aren’t quite accepted anywhere else. Well, guess what? We accept you, lone headbanging buttonmasher.

Your friendly (yet, wickedly sardonic) metalhead gamer pals.
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