video The Indiebox Unveiled!

Gamers can now meet the wave of the future in virtual and augmented reality and greet new technology right at their front doors. For $18 a month, $16 a month for three months or $14 each month for six months, games will be mailed to each household encased in the infamous Indiebox.

James Morgan III announced on Feb. 6 at Indienomicon, the Indiebox will be available for mail order starting this year. Gone are the days of the simply sticking a CD in your console and getting straight to work (how anticlimactic). Now gamers can relive the joy of getting a new title in the mail and unboxing it themselves.

There will be a poster, some stickers, the game manual and more inside the Indiebox, but what’s unique about the games you’d find inside, they can be played through a USB-port similar to the plastic cartridge of collective childhood (Super Nintendo, eat your heart out).

And it’ll be a surprise. Games are delivered, at random, subscribers never know which game to expect in the mail. If they like it, they can keep it, or choose to can pass it on to a friend. Trading is encouraged.

Up-and-coming developers can pitch their games to Morgan instead of jumping through hoops created by corporate gaming industries. At Indienomicon, the monthly meeting that showcases the latest in video gaming, developers can meet with Morgan to discuss their future projects.

Curious about the Indiebox? Click here to sign up and receive more information.

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