Central Florida Aquarium Society presents Immersed

Oceanographer David G. Gallo notes that we’ve explored less than 10 percent of this planet – perhaps less than 5 percent.

So step out of your comfort zone and dive into an oceanic adventure at City Arts Factory.

It’s been too cold to go to the beach this winter (duh, it’s winter) so you may be experiencing some water withdrawals.

Budding saltwater aficionados can get their fix of real-life Nemos and anemo-nem-onees for an idea as to how they may set up their future tank, and gallery enthusiasts can just come to enjoy the artistry needed to create such beautiful displays.

This Pink Hair Productions event features paintings and photography by local artists alongside a ton of whimsically decorated aquariums.

All proceeds go to the Downtown Arts District of Orlando, so you may as well grab a glass of wine or beer as you submerge yourself in aquatic awesomeness.

When: thru March 14
Venue: CityArts Factory
Address: 29 S. Orange Ave.
Phone: (407) 648-7060
Tags: aquarium
Price: free

Published in the print edition and online for the Orlando Weekly.

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