VIDEO GAME NEWS: ‘The Arrival’ video for Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda Studios released a video revealing “The Arrival,” showing players the beauty behind the brute force of Daedric half-demons being slaughtered by warriors on the front lines of the battle impending battle forElder Scrolls Online. The 8-minute long video brings all the dark and gritty folklore ephemera to life.

In addition to that nugget of Elven-on-Dwarf-on-Argonian action, Elder Scrolls Online is now available for pre-order via digital download or at store fronts. The Imperial Edition of Bethesda’s latest MMO is looking mighty fine, and at $80 ($60 with coups!) players can get a 5-day head start immersing themselves in this game, without limits.

Box Art for Imperial Edition and retail pre-order for Elder Scrolls Online

The retail edition gives players access to the game three days before any other player has the chance to place a leather-bound boot in the soil of their chosen district. Imperial Edition junkies will get a 12″ Molag Bal statue, a 224-page illustrated adventure guide full of tales from a forgotten age, with concept art and a printed map of the entire region, just ripe for exploration. And with a digital copy, players will receive a pet mudcrab to tag along at your coattails, a scuttler buddy, an alluring five days of early access, bonus treasure maps, the Rings of Maria, a brilliant white stead to ride with you off into the sunset and you can also play as an Imperial when you purchase the limited edition bundle.

With this feature, I wonder if you can go the Spy vs. Spy route and thieve your way into the ranks of unsuspecting imperials, thumbing through their possessions before you ever meet one of them face-to-face.

Inside the 224-page illustrated book that comes with the collector's edition of Elder Scrolls Online

In previous incantations, each of the Elder Scrolls games revolved around a central story, completely remote from former plot lines. In Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim the main character was always a criminal caught dead een iz tracks, encouraged to escape and design his or her own fate. But finding the right path seemed a trying task for those compelled to mede out every possible scenario offered to players throughout their respective journeys.

Full map of Elder Scrolls Online world, including Morrowind, Tamriel, Blackmarsh and Cyrodil

Now, in ESO, players will be able to travel between worlds featured in previous games and in April, players across all platforms will be able to duke it out in live PvE matches, not unlike you’re run-of-the-mill League of Legends arena-based MOBA or the re-playable side quest featured in the Darksiders‘s mini-game.

I am almost tempted to cash in half of this week’s paycheck just to make sure I don’t miss out on the opportunity of staying awake a few days just to find myself reborn in the swamps of Blackmarsh, where my Argonian mage thief first found her feet.

Players who pre-order can procure any race/faction combination, while those who buy the game after its release would need to stick to their guns (metaphorically, of course, there are no guns in this game) and join either the Ebonheart Pact, Admeri Dominion or Daggerfall Covenant.

Will you pick a side when the time comes, or simply ride out the storm when the gates of Hell open up?

Sign up for the Beta, preorder the standard edition of Elder Scrolls Online or reserve your own copy of the Imperial Edition today and come April 14, forget to see the light of day until the story line is complete.

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