video Zombie Studios Daylight Even Scares Veteran Gamers

Indie-developer, Zombie Studios, gets the green light from ATLUS to release Daylight for PC and PS4. Their most recent games include Conception II (out April, 2014) for 3DS and PS Vita, AquaPazza for 3DS and Etrian Odyssey on the PS3.

This will be the first game ATLUS is backing for PS4, and no doubt, it’s looking like the most terrifying game yet. Even seasoned game devs from the ATLUS staff jerked their heads around to chase shadows envisioned around the corners of their self-made man caves when they played the demo.

As heard from the grapevine, the gameplay from Daylight pays homage to fans of the Condemned series. Players have only a cellphone to hold up in front of them as they navigate the dark labyrinthine hallways of a not-quite-abandoned insane asylum. Become main character Sarah after she wakes from a nightmare that never ends, she is said to simultaneously solve puzzles and side-step ghosts.

Zombie Studios game Daylight scares hardcore gamers

Will players have the freedom to destroy the environment as they so choose, as with Zombie Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution? Can players fashion crowbars from crusty old lead pipes pried from concrete crumbling architectural edifices. (Ping, ping goes the headcrab. Mhmm… how satisfying.) Eh hem, and does our confused, yet ballsy, heroine ever get to see the light of day?

There are so many questions floating around the net and the trailer doesn’t give away much, which is probably a good thing. Those gamers who are curious beyond belief–who have a bit of a masochistic streak–are getting psyched to delve into this world.

Implementing the all-new Unreal Engine 4, the game would utilize NVIDIA PhysX technology, allowing for cinematic sequences to look more like video clips from Avatar on the highest settings, this will draw in players looking for a fully immersive experience. No longer will players subsist on clunky cutscenes gleaned from more pixelated versions of games. It is said this engine will provide the perfect picture, whether FPS rates are set high or low.

Daylight is predicted to emulate different surroundings as a pattern of random rooms are erected according to the players’ projection of reality. No gaming experience is alike for any two play throughs, yielding a surprising ending almost every time.

Aside from all that, Daylight is shaping up to be the next most re-playable thrill-ride of a game coming out this year for PS4 and PC. Gamers, beware. Pull out those sun-blocking window sheets and turn the AC down low, this is one game you’ll want to play alone.

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