Local fim screening: Starlite Film Festival, ‘The Perfect 46’

Ever want to bypass looking for love in all the wrong places and just skip right to hiring a genetics company?

Featured in this year’s StarLite Film Festival lineup, the title refers to the 46 chromosomes needed to create life.

In the context of the film, it’s also a company where you can get tested to see if you and your partner are genetically compatible to reproduce with the most evolutionary efficacy.

You might recognize the actors if you watch as much television as we do: James Kyson-Lee was in the hit show Heroes, Don McManus starred in The Shawshank Redemption and David Neher is a Funny or Die alum.

Be careful though; if you go see this flick, you could come away with a new way of looking at the whole dating scene.

If you could somehow engineer the perfect child based on genetic compatibility, would you still waste your time on that sexy guy with the big hands at Publix, or wouldn’t it just be easier to hire someone to rub your chromosomes together for you?


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