Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends DLC Released at Reasonable Price

Unlike other companies who like to poke and prod players, pushing back release dates and testing our fragile Twitterpated minds, the new Genroku Legends DLC for Muramasa Rebirth is now available for download (in a timely manner!). Vanillaware promised Western expansion for the title queued for early this year, and releasing this new addition to the story within the first month of the year, I’d say fan fingers have been saved just short of having their nails eroded entirely.

Genroku Legends is comprised of four tales based on Japanese folklore. The latest development in the series features cutie-pie kitty cat, Okoi, who claws foes ’til they fizzle out and disappear off screen (there’s no blood in this game, what a shame.) She also has the ability to transform with the help of her feline companion Miike. Okoi’s character is reminiscent of those found in the show xxxHolic, where fluffly animals can sometimes walk, talk and shape shift on a whim.

The creators of Odin Sphere didn’t spare us from experiencing the physical prowess of acrobatic ninjas with Muramasa’s wide-angle vertical jump shots and additional layers of detailed illustrations provide a unique backdrop for new scenes. And then there’s the Legend of Mana-like side-scrolling boss fights to break up the new story line.

There are four installations set to be released this year, the first of which is Fishy Tales of the Nekomata, priced at a measly $4.99 online through the PlayStation Store. I just hope the next character we get to play transports focus into the capable hands of a fantastical frog man or a sparrow chimera. Cat-people are so overrated.

Published at HeadBang ‘n’ Buttonmash.

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