Local actress makes a dress out of Orlando Weekly issues

Local actress Lindsi Jeter had an idea – she wanted to do an “anything but clothing” photoshoot, in which she would wear something gritty, grungy and inexpensive to make. She says she wanted to use something that anyone could find around the house. So she used old issues of Orlando Weekly.

“I like finding new purposes for things, like making a dress out of duct tape and newspapers, and I really like the size and compactness of it,” Jeter says. “The Weekly was so manageable to work with, and I just had the idea and I did it.”

She says it took her two and a half to three hours to make the dress, using nothing but the Weekly and duct tape. She used two layers of tape, stuck together so the sticky side didn’t touch her skin, to make the bodice. The rest is made from old issues that were folded and manipulated to create a garment. She wore the dress like second skin for the shoot, and then, after it was over, Jeter trashed her living example of hobo chic. She didn’t really have much choice. In order to take it off, she had to have someone help cut her out of it.

“I know now how I would’ve saved it,” she says. “If I used a third material for the dress, like a ribbon, I could have corseted it up the back, but I did end up trashing the dress to get it off.”

Jeter is now working on making a menswear suit to match the dress. You’re most likely wondering who the lucky guy is who’ll get to model her next creative concoction. Nobody’s been chosen yet – do we have any takers?

Published in Orlando Weekly

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