Geek Easy hosts Headbang ‘n Buttonmash show for charity

Heavy metal band, Infinite Earths headlined the Headbang ‘n Buttonmash charity event, Friday night, which benefited abused and neglected children. Volunteers from Palmer’s Hospital accepted unwrapped gifts as entry to the show. Comic books and Nerf guns overflowed the donation box, as the remainder of the items sought refuge in clean garbage bags close at hand.

In The Geek Easy, located inside A Comic Shop on the corner of 436/University, people were taking to Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and other arcade games set up around the border of the bar, while they drank Jai Alai or Sierra Nevada in between bands.

William Powell from Team Rock-It said his band came up with the concept playing off of the old Red and Blue games of Pokemon.

“We only play once a year,” Powell said. “Tim is from Gainesville and he came down to do this.”

The last event they played was Nerdapalooza last year, but they’ve also played at Bikurri’s Nerd Nite some time in the past.

Fellow rocker, Matt Egizio said he came out because he enjoys heavy music. “I dabble,” he said. “I play a little bit of drums, bass and guitar… pretty much anything.”

He has a podcast called the Degenerate School of Wizardy, which he said you can find on YouTube or SoundCloud.

In between shows, there was a lone long boarder who weaved in and out of the parking lot where the Bay Wash girls were wrapping up their own gig and the Electric Needle Hut guys were closing shop.

It was a four-band lineup. Michael Suess was one of the first performers to take the stage, then Team Rock-It expressed their love for all things nerdy, including a song with intermittent soundbites from various Pokemon game midis atop a track based on Missing No.’s dungeon crawling interlude. And Ad Nauseum had a wicked set of heavy metal for local rockers who came to see the show.

Josh Mazorra, lead singer for Infinite Earths, said he dug Ad Nauseum’s sound.

They are “abrasive and tooth grinding,” said Mazorra. I’m really glad we put it together. It turned out really interesting.”

There was a kind of electricity in the air as the members of heavy metal band Infinite Earths psyched themselves up to play around 11 p.m., giving the geeks and freaks milling around the lounge the signal to that the party was just about to begin.

Scenes from Terminator 2 played in the background on multiple TV screens as Mazorra became one with the tight knight crowd. He leaned, eyes rolling up to the ceiling, licking his lips and screaming to the top of his lungs, barely on par with the rest of the band.

The vocals were somewhat quiet in comparison to Mason Miller on lead guitar who head banged to his own vibe, letting his dreadlocks set the tone for the rhythm of the set.

“I wanna play The Social,” Miller said. “We have played Back Booth, Will’s Pub, Uncles Lou’s, but I’ve had good memories at The Social.”

Unlike the bars in Downtown Orlando that smack of of a lack of superficial efficacy, The Geek Easy is an open-minded venue which can be said to feature Pokemon rap rock and heavy metal, bringing riff raff off the streets so they can share their passion for with comic books, manga, Marvel or DC movies.

Whether you’re into drinking, reading or spouting political epithets, regardless of age, appearance or the stench of your jeans, all ages are welcome here.

Representing the new wave this impromptu scene, some of the people who came out were drawn like moths to the flickering neon “Open” sign of A Comic Shop.

Maybe they wanted to show off their  gauges and tattoos or they took the extra effort to crawl of their respective man (and woman) caves because they want to support a local charity and listen to a few gore grind rap rock tunes on a Friday night.

Tyree Wright said, “I originally came to come inside, but I don’t have any money.” He hung out amid the cigarette smokers and smack talkers lingering near A Comic Shop’s door.

“I read Super Man, but right now I’m really into the new Justice League. I can’t understand why Aqua Man is so important. It must be his trident,” Wright said.

While rocking out to Infinite Earths during the last set, guys wearing glasses were eating grilled cheese sandwiches procured from the moribund kitchen that exists somewhere between the comic-clad bar and the nether realm. Maz swigged his PBR right before the mellow part of their first song took flight and it seemed like the rest of the world dropped in and tuned out for a second.

With bass chords steady like Gojira and otherwise growling, howling vocals akin to Black Dahlia Murder, Infinite Earths put on a good show to seal the deal as the crowd forgot about Pokemon, Digimon and Super Mario Bros. for a good 10 minutes.

Rymic “the King” said, “If there was a better sound system, the night would be perfect.”

Infinite Earths will release a record in January 2014. Check out their Facebook page until then and make sure you come to A Comic Shop every Wednesday for new single issues. The Geek Easy is also open every night if you’re in need for a good mead.

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