The Local – Bar in College Park

I wonder why they even call this subsection of the city, “College Park.”

There is nothing “college” about it, unless this is some representation of the vernacular spoken by the locals in reference to golf… It’s totally lost on me.

So I recently stopped into The Local Bar & Grill and I must say, I’m not impressed. Not that I’m in the business to be impressed, but for some reason I wanted to like this place.

It’s couched between Edgewater High School a laundry-mat and College Park Yoga.

I went there once and tried to meditate, but I spilt my complimentary green tea and lost control of myself. Maybe if you’re living in a video game you’ll need a skill such as the ability to shut off the world and connect with yourself, but in reality I pretty much achieve this, to my disadvantage, 24/7.

But digressions aside, at the bar I met a guy who just recently saw the Avenged Sevenfold/Deftones show at The Beacham downtown and another guy was wearing a shirt boasting the Orlando Science Center’s summer camp program, so there must be some intelligence brewing at The Local Bar & Grill.

I guess you just can’t choose your crowd. My mom would love the 60s pop tunes they play, but she would totally destroy the “game area” which is completely vacant, as if that entire half of the bar doesn’t exist.

I played a game of pool by myself and used the excuse of my “practicing” to exclude myself from conversing with some of the personalities that frequent the bar.

I seriously need to practice playing pool, though, so the 30-minute game might or might not have helped my chances in the next real college game I play.

In any case, I’d have to say this is a cute little hole-in-the-wall for older folks who hang here enough to remain on a first-name basis.

I just can’t see myself coming back here again. Perhaps if I bring my own scene along with me, we can shake this place up a bit.

I just feel like maybe I have too much enthusiasm for life to drag my bag of bones around this bar, unless of course you take advantage of the two-for-one special on beers and you happen to meet a cool guy named Rob who’s in the midst of writing a six-book series about demigods with a Game of Thrones appeal.

Which I did… And there’s more to come for that story. According to Rob, Thursday night is the best time to go. He said you can catch talent so raw they should be playing in Hollywood.

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