The Anti-Debt Copper Act

By Frank LoCasio

Three easy steps to end the National Debt in five days in a non-partisan way. Yes, I said FIVE DAYS and it’s not a joke. All three steps would have to be done or this will not work.

First, you need to know this:

The Federal Reserve, which the U.S. government has no control of, is owned by an unknown group of private banker investors, not your government. Surprise! The unknown part is plainly stated as such on their website. The Federal Reserve has been charged illegally and contrary to the constitution with the responsibility of issuing all of our paper currency and the virtual computer keystroke money. See the part in the constitution Article I, section 10 where it plainly states, “The Congress shall have Power to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, …” When the Constitution was written, coins were the only universally accepted money. The bright spot is that the U.S. Treasury, unlike the Federal Reserve, is part of the U.S. government and is currently charged with making the coins.

Here is the plan..

1) The Treasury, not the Federal Reserve, must issue 17 Trillion new dollars made out of $1000 dollar special-issue, non-counterfitable copper coins and use that to pay off our complete current debt. The debt or also known as loans are held by bondholders, T-Notes etc. In doing this, the national debt will be paid off immediately. We basically give the banks and bond holders their money back and it is perfectly legal. In fact the copper is more valuable then the paper and more valuable than the virtual computer money they have issued in creating our national debt. Everyone gets paid and no default happens. Please also realize that the Federal Reserve (FEDS) issues all our currency except coins. The FEDS loan the government “ALL” our money. Notice at the top of all the paper currency you have on you that it says at the very top “Federal Reserve NOTE.” A note is a loan. You are renting that paper from a private company. We do not own the money.  When it is time for the government to pay interest on the FEDS money, whom do they get the money to pay that interest from? The FEDS. Do you see this problem? It is perpetual debt that can never be paid off. It is an evil scheme and the Mafia is not even that good. That’s just one leg of this scam on humans. I say humans because they are doing it on nearly every country in the world. Furthermore the very same bankers who control the Federal Reserve are also buying much of the Treasury bills and bonds. They are actually controlling their profits at your expense. When implementing this copper coin plan, we will be increasing the money supply. Following the laws of supply and demand we would be devaluing our money, which we are doing every time they increase the national debt anyway. We have to move on to the next step to prevent that.

2) To prevent this never-ending perpetual debt from happening again we must no longer allow the government to borrow any more money from the FEDS. That means not to sell any more bonds, T-Bills etc. It is not necessary and it’s a scam. The government (US Treasury) can create it’s own debt-free money in controlled quantities if need be, not private banks as is the case now. The government will only spend what it has raised in taxes and fees and that forces politicians to be honest with the public to some degree. It is not necessary to sell T-Bills, bonds or anything else for the creation of money. It’s burglary on the American people. The same private investors in the Federal Reserve (mostly the banks) are profiting from this perpetual debt scam. The Federal Reserve investors derive immense political power and profit in being able to pick winners and losers. This MUST stop. No more interest payments or National debt. The rest of the world should follow suit if they are smart. The next step would seal the deal.

3) Fractional reserve lending which is lending what they don’t have must be abolished. National Banks (The same ones who invest in the loans to America) should not be allowed to create money from thin air–or at all–and they should only be allowed to lend what is in their accounts period just like Community banks do. National banks need to be taken out of American pockets, thus returning the wealth back to the people. Reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act would also be helpful. That act kept the commercial banks that deal with securities from gambling with their depositors’ money.

That, my friends, will fix America and it’s debt problems forever. NO MORE NATIONAL DEBT. If you don’t do this I promise you our national debt and National poverty problems will persist. Did I also mention this would slow inflation down; so the cost of your goods, not related to supply and demand, will not go up so much? That’s just a side benefit. I also suggest all Americans donate all the copper they need to make those special coins. 

Government Debt – BANKS WIN – YOU LOSE – If you don’t know how this works and you don’t read this you will remain like a mushroom. Fed crap and kept in the dark. Guess who wins big time when the government racks up debt? The BANKS and their private investors… Yes the banks buy up the debt through the Federal Reserve and profit on it, yes the same banks that are investors in the PRIVATELY owned Federal Reserve. So when you hear really wonderful and nice guys like Warren Buffet saying we need to “do more for the people” (causing more national debt) and “charge more taxes” (to corporations who need loans) You can bet your arse he somehow is part of a bank and or banking profits. Do the research and I bet you will find the banking connection with him and anybody else who is a big time government debt advocate. How many bankers went to jail when they got caught financing billions to drug cartels? ZERO. How many bankers went to jail for causing the economic melt down? ZERO. How many bankers are profiting buy loaning the government your own money? ALL OF THEM, except Community banks.  How many of the National banks were closed due to the billions of dollars they got caught laundering for drug cartels all while they monitor every single transaction of yours? NONE. How many were even brought up on charges for any of this? NONE. How many bankers are in high places within the current administration or the past? Too many to count. What President received more money from banks then any President in history? President Obama. How many banks donated to the Obama campaign in the past election? NONE. WHAT? How did they mysteriously coordinate to do that to the man who has protected them more then any President in the last 100 years? Maybe because they have figured out how to do it another way without you seeing it. Learn about the ins and outs of voter fraud and who owns the media. That has never happened before in American history where the national banks gave ZERO. They always hedge their bets by giving to both candidates heavily; just look at political contribution history and you will see the proof. They gave that banker bed fellow Romney a pittance and the banker lover Pres. Obama nothing. That has never happened before. Something smells really bad. How many bankers actually run your country? Figure it out. Bush got us into a banker profit driven perpetual war. He’s been just as bad if not worse. Those who profit the most from wars are the banks, the very same bankers that own all sides of wars. Yes, the investors that own our Federal Reserve also own nearly every bank on earth. Where do we get the money to rebuild a nation after destroying it or to buy all the technology? Now you see who gains the most from the war on Terrorism and nearly every war over the past 3000 years. If you can put a contract on somebody’s life for a mere $5,000 or buy a politician for $10,000 or even make a corporation do what you want by deciding if they get a loan or not, imagine what you could do with quadrillions of dollars? That is just food for thought.

The banks have robbed the last six generations, in America, blind. They have systematically stolen your great grand parents, grand parents, your parents, yours, your children’s, and your children’s children inheritance. Where do you think the middle class went? Their money has gone to the banks. Specifically the owner / investors of the Federal Reserve. The have set up a very evil system that most people don’t understand. I have taken the time to learn about how it works and I’m furious if you have not noticed. I do a lot of research on how they operate and I do a lot of fighting with them. They always win against the people because folks refuse to learn what they do and how they do it. Many of those who do understand are making money because of it, so they won’t fight this. If the average person understood what they have been doing, I promise you there would be blood in the streets by morning. But because people prefer to remain ignorant to these matters, watch baseball, get drunk / high, play video games, vote for free stuff provided by banker powers, not believe it’s possible, are too busy trying to make a living under this slave system, etc. The banks will continue to enjoy their rigged game. Inch by inch they create restricting laws on you. You become accustomed to it and it sucks you into dependence on them. The war on poverty, terrorism and the war on drugs are all scams aimed at increasing their power and profits. One day humans will wake up to realize they have been enslaved and it will be too late, as humans will have given up their tools and ability to fight them. It’s not just Americans; it’s the whole world. If your religious I suggest you prey because as of right now it looks like that’s all ya got. I sometimes wish I had no conscience because I could make millions being on their side.

Spread the word, make a video on this that goes viral, and send it to your Congresspersons, Senators and all your friends. Post it on Face Book on your forehead or anywhere and everywhere. Make a petition on this. Send your representative a hunk of scrap copper. Be more creative then I am. Help wake up America, before it’s too late.

Do yourself a favor and learn more about the banking scam on America. Watch the “Secret of Oz” or The Money Masters by Bill Still on YouTube, watch the documentary movie Jekyll Island or read his book “No More National Debt.” He’s an international authority on this topic. Those who control the movement of your money, controls you and your entire world. Learn about this subject anyway you can and spread the word. The future is at stake and NOW is the time.

Jekyll Island (The truth behind the Federal Reserve) is playing at the Orlando Film Festival this Sunday Oct. 20 at 155 S. Orange Ave. Show time is 8:30 p.m.

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