Local Author Explores Anxiety, Hormones and Pharmaceuticals in New Book

“Anxiety 101” is available at http://www.amazon.com.

Students today are overwhelmed by their studies. Many of them are also working or they have children to raise while they attend UCF. These responsibilities can lead to stressful situations and students may not understand how to deal with the pressure .e. Orlando author Dr. Eudene Harry’s new book, titled “Anxiety 101,” offers insight into to the source of various types of fear and provides a how-it-works guide for those who want to take back control of their life.

“The more you understand, you’re more capable of developing your own treatment for anxiety,” said Dr. Eudene Harry said. She is the author of the new book “Anxiety 101: The Holistic Approach to Managing Your Anxiety and Taking Back Your Life.”

In “Anxiety 101,” the Orlando author explores anxiety disorders, the root cause of increased stress, and ways to treat and manage symptoms while maintaining balance and productivity.

She explains the chemical reaction between your brain and your nervous system with a mix of metaphors and examples, making the various sources of anxiety easy to digest.

In the back of the book, there students can find a checklist to determine if you may be anxious.

“Students are in the learning stage where they are open to change,” Harry said, “This makes it easier for them to develop habits, both good and bad.”

Instead of reaching for a cigarette, consuming alcohol or taking medication, students can exercise or laugh it off to get rid through a stressful situation.

Randall Oklichany, a junior majoring in Athletic Training, said he enjoys skateboarding and riding his motorcycle when he feels stressed.

“I work, I go to school and I have an internship. I look to the light at the end of the tunnel and I just do it,” he said.

Exercise is beneficial not only to the health of the body, but also to the mind. Harry said people need a good balance connection between the two, at any age, to achieve balance in life.

Dr. Eudene Harry is board certified in both emergency and holistic medicine.

Harry said, “Social interaction helps,” Harry said.. “Especially in college, when girls get together for a girls’ night out, this leads to a change in oxytocin levels which act on the same receptors that medication acts on.”

If you find that taking long walks and talking with friends doesn’t help, you may want to read Chapter 5 of “Anxiety 101,” which covers the gut and anxiety connection.

Having too much pathological bacteria in the stomach can lead to protein deficiency in the body, which ultimately leads to fatigue. This can make it feel almost impossible for someone dealing with this source of stress to find a solution to the problem.

In addition to reading Harry’s new book, students can access UCF’s Wellness & Recreation blog, where a dietician answers questions that students may have.

The Wellness & Recreation Center also offers message therapy for $40 a session for stressed students and there are also test anxiety sessions available where students may work with biofeedback to get to the source of their emotional trauma.

Keiron Timothy, a counselor at UCF, said there are 40-60 staff members who help students.

“They can call the front desk and set up an appointment, then we evaluate them and determine what their concerns are,” Timothy said.

Group counseling is available as well as a four-part workshop which takes place during the course of the Fall semester, starting on Sept. 6.

“Students can come in at any time during the four parts of the workshop. The first part is Understanding the Source of Anxiety, then there’s Challenging Irrational Thoughts and Beliefs, Strategic Relaxation, then Embracing Mindfulness,” said Timothy.

For students experiencing stress, Harry’s book, “Anxiety 101” is available on Amazon.com.

For more information, tips and advice on overcoming your own anxiety visit http://www.livinghealthylookingyounger.com or whps.sdes.ucf.edu.

Published in the print version of Monday’s Central Florida Future.

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